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Weber Search & Selection: A serious, successful and strategically thinking partner and collaborator specialized in search, selection and consulting within the Life-Science industry. Our focus is Life-Science. However, we are working with many different assignments within various other industries.

Focus areas:

We are focused on Life-Science, i.e. health-care, pharmaceuticals, medico, veterinary, medical imaging, bioinformatic, hospital supply, diagnostics, engineering, electrostimulation, bio-tech, chemical industries, technical equipment and crop science. In short: any life related business.

The chain of values is covered completely, from research, development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, production, logistics, economy to finance, administration, distribution, exports, sales, marketing, business development and management.

We recruit for positions within specialists fields, managers, directors and executives

Weber Search & Selection work primarily within the Danish, Nordic and European markets.


We work within recruitment, headhunting, specialized education and consultancies. We work with complete focus and with quality for our customer in mind at all times.

The tasks we take on, are always solved so they last - for a long time. We are accurate and meticulous in the interview of the company, as it is here, that both profile and task is mapped out. As soon as the profile and the exact task has been agreed upon, we focus all our attention to finding the best candidates. That's what we call quality at work.

Initiative, service and sympathetic insight

When mapping out a job description to find the best potential candidates, we know what questions to ask the company to get to the core of their needs. For that reason, it often happens that a company change the candidate profile  before the task is carried out. This is what we call sympathetic insight and service.


Client confidentiality is a natural aspect of our company. We have an extended guarantee with regards to efficiency and also with regards to approaching the company's employees as prospective candidates. Loyalty is of the utmost importance to Weber Search & Selection.


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