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As we specilize in Life-Science and as our consultants' backgrounds also stem from this area, it is only natural for us to also utilize our specialized skillset consulting.

We offer specialized consultancy within the following:


The importance of efficient communication and systematics in sales activities, has accelerated due to the demand for overall quality, not to mention the call restrictions that has increased during the years.

Consequently, it is even more important to deliver the correct information to the customers in an efficent and professional manner.

We offer a sales course tailormade to these demands. Tailormade, as the individual "musts" and "wants" can be a vary depending on products, markets, and traditions.

Previous to the sales course, we define these "musts" and "wants" on efficency, time consumption and the degree of details needed.

Specialized Education:

Within sales management, marketing management, presentation techniques, process facilitation and cooperation between groups, we deliver courses as described above.

Business Development:

Whether the need is establishing a branch in Denmark, market surveys or development of the organisation, we deliver strong results and individual analysis.


When cooperation with an employee suddenly stops, both the company and the employee experiences a need for individual support in order to handle job transitions. Outplacement with Weber Consulting is completely independent from Weber Search & Selection.

Weber Consulting offers outplacement courses for Executives, Directors, Managers and specialists giving both company and employee in the conflict constructive tools to use.

Our Outplacement support give both parties the opportunity to quickly and efficiently create a win – win situation and ensure that the candidate continues his or her career.

Internal Reference Analysis:

Is a newly developed product to use when an internal employee is promoted on executive levels.

The example could be that an internal candidate is promoted to new CEO or CFO. The board will not be in a situation to perform an in depth reference on the candidates educational, economical, private and reputational situation since a very strong confidence between the parties shall be a fact when the new CEO / CFO takes his position. The candidate must, in advance, give his consensus to perform an IRA, and he and the board will receive a detailed information on the result.

We have developed an effective reference tool that ensure companies against unpleasant surprices once the employeee is already in place. And we do not only discuss economical losses but also brand risk, the board and image.


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