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Search & Selection

The clients must feel that the candidates presented to them, truly match the set requirements and qualifications needed for the position and that they have a real choice between several qualified candidates.

The candidate must feel that Weber Search & Selection present the job opportunities with integrity and an eye for the carreerpath of the individual. The candidate can expect a professional sparring.

It is our goal that the client as well as candidate must have a wish to continue to work with Weber Search & Selection - the clients because they have experienced serious and professional treatment and the candidates because they were given a great carreer opportunity, regardless of being offered a position or not.


Specialized education: Sales, marketing and presentation tecnique.

Business development: Establishment in Denmark / The Nordic region, organisational development, product/market evaluations.


When employment is suddenly terminated, the employee as well as the employer needs management of the situation.

The company and the employee must have personal and individual support for a balanced action concerning image and job transition.

Weber offer outplacement for Executives, Directors, Managers and Specialists leaving both parties in the conflict with constructive tools.

Our outplacement support secures all parties a fast and efficient win – win situation.


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